50 km Ulta Marathon

50 KM Ultra Marathon Approximately 32 miles, 7,000 ft vertical elevation gain.

The course encompasses changing terrain from forest to an exposed alpine environment. With aggressive hill climbs and a challenging down hill. The 50 KM Ultra Marathon course is sure to take your breath away. It’s tough! With approx 7,000 ft elevation gain a race high point of 8,550 feet and approximately 32 miles in distance. Hiking poles are recommended.

The course follows a well-marked single track. Starting and finishing at Oregon Gulch.  Heading south along the river via the Saddle Trail to Chocolate Gulch full aid Station. Heading up and over towards Fox Creek to a limited aid station you can view the course that lies ahead. On the steep incline up Oregon Gulch you will feel like you’re in your own private Idaho with unforgettable views of the high surrounding mountains towards Galena climbing towards the race highpoint of 8,550 feet. Head down the road for one mile. At East Fork of Baker Road there will be a limited aid station, this aid station is at the top of Curly’s, turn right at Curly’s for a steep descent (1541feet over 3 miles) At bottom of Curly’s mile 16.5 there is a full Aid Station. This is a turn around or drop out point. Back up Curly’s for a steep climb and along East Fork of Baker Road for one mile and a different perspective. Don’t miss turn off to Oregon Gulch trail. At mile 23 you’ll find Oregon Gulch connector Aid Station, staying left at Fox Creek Loop along gentle terrain for a fast finish at Oregon Gulch. You’ll arrive at the same place you started the race with a fresh perspective.

Course map

Please visit this link to view the map of the 50km race. I will also attach a GPX closer to start date.


Aid stations

Five aid stations are marked in red, they are important for the safety of the athletes. Aid stations carry necessary supplies for runners such as food and water. All athletes will check in so progress can be tracked on the map with radios.

Providing energy food such as bananas, fitness bars, H20, isotonic drinks and Support

Thanks to Atkinsons Market https://www.atkinsons.com/

Elevation gains between Aid stations

Oregon-Gulch Elevation 6,220 feet to Fox Creek Elevation 7,600 feet

4 miles 451 ft elevation gain

Fox Creek Elevation 7,600 feet to Oregon Fox Creek Elevation 6,740 feet 5 miles 1515 elevation gain

Oregon Fox Creek Elevation 6,740 to top of Curly’s Elevation 8,150 4 miles 1758 ft elevation gain.

Top of Curly’s Elevation 8,150 to bottom of Curly’s Elevation 6,640 3 miles 0 ft elevation gain.

Bottom of Curly’s Elevation 6,640 to Top of Curly’s Elevation 8,150 3 miles 1541 ft elevation gain

Top of Curly’s to Elevation 8,150 Around Fox Peak 9 miles 685 ft elevation gain

Fox Peak to Oregon Fox Elevation 6,740 4 miles 0 ft elevation gain

Oregon Fox Elevation 6,740 to Finish Elevation 6220 3 miles 100ft elevation gain

Turn by Turn Directions

  • Start at Oregon Gulch
  • Run southwest on Saddle Trail.
  • Turn left onto Chocolate Gulch.
  • Keep left to take North Fork Loop.
  • Turn right onto Fox Creek Loop.
  • Run southwest on Fox Creek Loop.
  • Turn right onto Chocolate Gulch.
  • Turn left onto Oregon-Fox Connector.
  • Turn left onto Oregon Gulch
  • Run north on Oregon Gulch
  • Turn right onto East Fork of Baker Road.
  • Turn right onto Curly’s.
  • Run south on Curly’s.
  • Turn left onto East Fork of Baker Road.
  • Bear right to stay on East Fork of Baker Road.
  • Follow signs around Fox Peak
  • Turn left onto Oregon Gulch
  • Bear left onto Oregon Gulch
  • Finish at Oregon Gulch

Pre-race meeting packet / bib pickup

Limelight Hotel Patio . 151 South Main Street, Ketchum, ID 83340

Race day start time 

First wave 50km Start time 8:30am

Second wave 50km start time 9:00am

Sun Rise 7:26 AM Sun Set 7:33PM

Everyone MUST board the complementary bus at 8:05am or 8:35am from Big Wood School, 100 Saddle Rd, Ketchum, ID 83340 (opposite YMCA Ketchum) Please don’t be late, we can’t wait for you, because the half marathon is sold out we cannot switch you to that.

There is a bathroom at Guy Coles Skate Park and Oregon Gulch Start / Finish and Fox Creek

Parking There is very limited parking at Oregon Gulch, and we have an agreement with the Forest Service that we will only use 5 spaces at the trail head so the public can access the trail. Do not park along the fence or in the scrub around trailhead. You can get picked up and dropped off at Oregon Gulch.

Overflow parking is available across the road on Barlow Street. See Map

The bus is a 71-seater and will operate at 60% capacity. The bus ride will take 10-15 minutes.

The shuttle bus will get you back to Ketchum from the finish line.

Start/ Finish at Oregon Gulch. There is a bathroom at the Trail Head, Aid Station & First Aid.

Race rules:

No dogs, leashed or unleashed, will be allowed along the course.


Be prepared for the weather! Rain, Hail or Snow is possible in late Sept. Bring an extra layers and wet weather gear. There is also a possibility of Smoke from wildfires. You can view air quality with this website https://air-quality.com/place/united-states/blaine-county/60acab98?lang=en&standard=aqi_us If the AQI is over 150 at 7am on Sept 23 the race will be called off. The race director has final call.

Make sure you are checked in or you will get a DNS (Did not start)

Bib number must be worn at all times, preferably on the front.

Bag Drop Mile 4 Fox Creek aid station and Mile 16.5 Bottom of Curly’s please put name and bib number on drop bag.

Be prepared for anything! It is required that all marathoners bring a spare jacket and hat to leave in bag drop at Bottom of Curly’s (poles are recommended for last section) Please name and bib number on bag or items such as poles beforehand and remember to collect all personal belongings at the Finish line.


There will be a wilderness first responder stationed along the course. They have the authority to pull runners from the race for safety reasons. Please treat them with respect if they feel it is in your best interest to discontinue your race. 

  • It is best to try and get to the next aid station. However if you are unable to carry on under your own power await another runner to catch up to you and relay the emergency to him/her with instructions to pass on about your emergency and your bib number. 
  • This information should be passed on to the next aid station. Each aid station captain has a radio and help will be given. 
  • If you are the absolute last runner on the course then a course sweeper will be following along. 

Cell phone signal. 

We recommend bringing a cell phone with you for safety. However there are parts of the course that cell coverage is very limited. Such as the start / finish area. There is cell signal around fox creek and above 8,000 feet.

Cut off times

Runners must pass bottom of Curly’s 16.5 miles before 2:30pm (6 hours) Average pace 20 minutes per mile.

Please be honest with yourself, if you just make the cut off but are struggling. Bottom of Curly’s is the easiest place to drop out and get a lift back. When you drop out from the race you must tell the aid station captain. This prevents search and rescue costs!

Supporters that are driving to the bottom of Curly’s need to drive north along 75 the road past Easley campground is called lower cr summer home area. (see picture and x on map) There is parking at the base of Curly’s , please do not park on road next to cabins and be respectful of the residents.

50 KM participants must reach finish line in before 6:30pm (10 hours) for an official finish.

If the participant has not reached the finish line by 6:30pm. Help will be provided to reach the finish line and get home safe. If the participant refuses help and decides to go on without help.  He/she takes full responsibility for their actions. All runners must follow these instructions.

Photos Race photographer from Smileys Mountain Photo will be at mile 3 and finish to capture the moment, photos can be purchased online http://www.smileysmtphoto.com

Finish Runners will receive an event T-Shirt, Winners receive running shoes from Vimazi https://vimazi.com/ top three runners will be awarded prizes, spot prizes

Prizes will be given out at finish line.

Our goal is to raise money for Higher Ground Website, 10% of proceeds will be donated to this worthy cause.

Kate Puddy the Membership and Fundraising Coordinator for the Wood River Trails Coalition. Will be at the pre race meeting. Wood River Trails Coalition is a trail stewardship organization working to create, maintain and sustain the trails in the Wood River Valley for all users. Please consider becoming a member Website

Legends Never Die operate under a special use permit from the US Forest Service.

Social Media: Let’s connect!  Legends Never Die is on, facebook or Instagram   

For those coming traveling to Ketchum

Athletes and Supporters receive 20% off all hotel bookings at the Limelight Hotel Use this link when bookinghttps://www.limelighthotels.com/ketchum#/booking/step-1?arrive=09%2F30%2F2021&depart=10%2F03%2F2021&promo=LNDM2